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The Alchemy of Healing: Self Forgiveness

The Alchemy of Healing ✨

Join Olivia Hughes for a Self Forgiveness Workshop that acknowledges and accepts suffering as a part of our human experience. Self forgiveness is a powerful, healing, tool that can assist in transforming our suffering into our purpose.

Self forgiveness can be used to process loss, let go of disappointments, fears, emotional and physical pain. Trust whatever is coming forward to be explored is for your highest good.

Suffering in this lifetime may not be an option, but how we choose to alchemize it is.

I’m honored and excited to support on this journey.

✨This 3 hour workshop includes✨

💓45 minute heart opening/forgiveness gentle yoga flow

💓👇🏼Self Forgiveness Tools in Practice👇🏼👇🏼

Learning the art of heartfelt listening, holding space for yourself and others, honoring the power of silence, owning power of sharing our truth, self forgiveness, authentic connection, oneness.

💓Self Reflection/Journaling 

✨Closing/grounding circle including:


💓Sounds Healing

💓Essential Oil

7:30 to 9:30pm

Energy Exchange: $33 via Venmo @theOMexperience, please notate your name.