We live in a fast paced and technologically advanced world that is presumably designed to make our life easier. Yet, many people may find themselves not fully content, caught up in the whirlwind while searching for a connection to both their own inner self and the community in which they live and work. 


Abundant Space is here to bring that connection back, the connection to our own truth as well as the community around us!




Through individual and group healing sessions, we start the journey back to our authentic self, often discovering our true purpose in the process. Sound healing aids us in this journey and daily meditation groups help us focus and eliminate the chatter our mind can create. In addition to scheduled sessions, our meditation lounge is available for all to use during open hours. Tea is available upon request.


Abundant Space hosts weekly workshops that encourage us to discover new skills and rejoice in ancestral ways. We organize monthly cultural & art events to inspire and broaden our horizons. By coming together as a community, we thrive and experience personal healing, a sense of belonging, peace of mind and the understanding we so desire!