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Shamanic Healing Journey: Accessing Your Soul's Divine Blueprint


The time has come for us to call upon the Elements of Earth, the Ancient Ones of the Sky, and the Spirit of Sound to help us heal, harmonize, and step into the light of our true divine nature.


Sound is one of the most profound healing tools we have access to and when it is woven with powerful intention, has the potential to heal and harmonize our body/mind/spirit and take us to elevated states of awareness. The ancient art of Shamanic Journeying is a great way for us to be guided into the realm of the spirit where we can encounter spirit guides, wise ancestors, and aspects of ourselves that have important messages of healing. The only requirement is a willingness to show up and receive with gratitude the insights offered to us in this space.


On August 18th, 2018, we gather at the Altar of Healing Sound to access our Divine Blueprint...

Did you know there is a Divine Blueprint that holds the entire design of your fully-actualized, fully-healed, and fully-awakened self? Did you know that this blueprint is available for "download" at any time with the proper guidance? Did you know that your fully-awakened self is already in existence and that all that is needed to open up and align to this truth?

During this Shamanic Sound Journey, I will be guiding you through a vibrational journey into a realm where you can access your divine blueprint and download as much information as possible on how to bring that into manifestation. The key to allowing this possibility is INTENTION and WILLINGNESS, so it is helpful if you can arrive with both of these in-hand. How you can do this is to come ready to open up to the entire range of experiences you may encounter without judgement and to hold the intention that all you encounter is for your highest purpose.


This is an RSVP only event with limited space. Registration is $20 via the link below or $30 at the door. Please visit the following link to register online:

The facility has a few mats/blankets/pillows for use, however I suggest bring your own mat and any other items you need to be comfortable lying down for the majority of the experience.

About the Facilitator:

Bryan Anthony Phoenix is a musician, sound healing practitioner and vocal empowerment coach who's path has allowed him to study several ancient and modern medicinal sound practices. He studied music at Humboldt State University, studied in Switzerland with the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color, and Movement, and is experienced with ancient shamanic practices of sound healing. He hosts regular sound meditations and has a private practice of sound healing and vocal empowerment coaching. You can learn more about his offerings at

I look forward to seeing you all in the Sacred Circle! Blessings