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Intro to Karma

Meaning "act" or "loan" the sanskrit word: Karma has been used to describe the very balancing mechanism that seems to permeate our cause and effect reality. It is also the crux of all major spiritual and philosophical teachings that discuss human morality, ethics, and values.

Karma is more than just a mystical superstition, and science has gone on for centries observing this primordial force that lingers in the background of all events, people, and places.

Modern day science proficiently makes a utility out of the implications of this evident mechanism seen in all physical sciences, best known through our five senses. But what about our "non-physical" senses?

What are the implications of our daily interactions on emotional, mental and "spiritual" states of being that not only has precedence over your wellbeing in this life, but also in other lives?!

What are the ramifications of your Thoughts, beliefs, preferences, biases and opinions on your non-spatial awareness?

Join Pooja and Chaney as they challenge everything you know about Karma and metaphysics Saturday July 17th from 1:30-3:30pm.

General admission: $20

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