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Altars & Offerings

Altars and Offerings have been a part of the Ritual expression of faith and spirituality for as long as history has been recorded. We create a sacred bond with our guides when we take our time to consciously create a space of devotion to honor our connection. Through offerings, we pay respects to those who support and guide us from the other realms.

Through this workshop, you will gain access and clarity as to how to:

-build Sacred Altars using different elements

-engage with the power of Offerings and Intention in your spiritual work

-begin the crafting of your Ritual experience in your personal practice

As always with Sharon and Kseniya, this will be a luscious experience. Trust that you are meant to be here. This workshop is for you if:

-You are seeking to deepen your connection to your guides and spiritual practices

-You want to learn how to engage in powerful ritual

-You want to bring your Ritual experiences to another level

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