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Unlock Your Pelvic Power

We’ve sat in silence too long holding onto pain and shame in our womb space. Share, learn, and support each other as one healing voice.

Many of us often find ourselves disconnected from the source of life itself, the womb space. Whether that disconnect stems from relentless menstrual pain, shame, trauma, or an unloving of our bodies, you are invited to be heard in a safe space.

Please join Ashley Emery a Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner at Wholesome Haven & Dr. Aude Monson a Botanical Alchemist at Aude To Joy in discussing endless aspects of healthy womb space.

Topics include: What normal healthy periods looks like, the habits and products that do and do not support your monthly bleed, how to achieve reduced or pain free cycles, and transitions into motherhood or menopause.

All through the eyes of holistic approaches and awareness.

Talking freely, addressing issues, and tapping into the thoughts and feelings in your womb space is the key to not only unlocking your pelvic power but owning an inner power that is YOU.

Together we will also be demystifying the natural ancient practice of Vaginal Steaming and how to incorporate Crystal and Flower Essences into womb healing.

$22, Tickets via