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Grounded Spirituality & Sound Healing

What is the spiritual or mystical experience as opposed to ordinary material life? Consider for a moment that this very question is a fallacy!

Come get GROUNDED in your quest for spirituality.

We will be focusing on disentangling from habits of speech that separates us from others, holds us back from our potentiality and contributes to faulty belief systems. We will use grounding techniques and end our evening with sound healing using Tibetan singing bowls. The range of sounds create a pulsating tone, which can restore vibratory frequencies at the cellular level and throughout our nervous system. All matter is energy vibrating at different rates. By altering the rate of vibration absorbed, we can change the structure of matter and therefore create harmony in both the body and the mind. Tibetan bowls can deliver a relaxation response, entraining the brain toward a Theta brain wave state, which induces meditative and peaceful states by decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension, thereby disrupting our stress response common to our modern world. Enjoy the peace and serenity of this experience all in the beautiful environment of Abundant Space. All bowls used are "fair trade" and hand hammered in Nepal.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Please be on time and remember to turn off any electronic devices upon entering the space.

$20 Energy Exchange Pay in Advance Online

$20 Energy Exchange CASH/Venmo at door or $23 Energy Exchange Debit/Credit at door

7 to 8:30pm

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