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Afternoon Delight: Sound Healing with Water Shepherd

It’s been a busy day, but you still have plans for the evening. What a better way than to transition and relax with an afternoon sound healing session! You will be receiving sound healing with steel tongue drums. The unique tones and harmonic spectrum created by these instruments can be utilized for healing and meditation. The tone is similar to singing bowls or musical bells which create multiple harmonic overtones.

The range of sounds create a pulsating tone, which can restore vibratory frequencies at the cellular level and throughout our nervous system. All matter is energy vibrating at different rates. By altering the rate of vibration absorbed, we can change the structure of matter and therefore create harmony in both the body and the mind. Steel tongue drums can deliver a relaxation response, entraining the brain toward a Theta brain wave state, which induces meditative and peaceful states by decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension, thereby disrupting our stress response common to our modern world.

You will be mostly lying down, so bring your favorite blanket/pillow/mat.

$15 Drop-in Pay in Advance Online

$15 CASH at door or $18 Debit/Credit at door

I also do private sessions, you can book here: