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The Nature of Thoughts Book Signing & Lecture

The Nature of Thoughts Book Signing & Lecture with Chaney.


Humans are developing into a species that is increasingly becoming both intellectually and emotionally perceptive of the nature of reality and consciousness.

Through greater awareness we begin to be more open to choices, imagination, creative ideas, and intuition that seemingly come from nowhere. How do we distinguish a "good" idea from a "bad" one?

Through the refinement of one's own state of being and "wavelength" one can begin to discern, learn, and practice how to best utilize the inner compass that we are all innately gifted with from our "higher/future self".

The truth is that we are all apart of an entire population of Earth that is literally on a incredibly wide variation of "levels", "spectrums", and "wavelengths" of awareness and intelligence. So how to do we navigate through the dense illusion and confusion of mind? Of matter?

We must use our personal built-in guidance system that we are endowed with, which includes but is not limited to our own feeling state and emotions.

Our emotions are a direct indication of how "correct" (or in-alignment) our thinking is with our highest, most intellgent version of ourselves that we are inseperably apart of, and is always, already available for us to tap into.

Join me for an information packed afternoon that will give you tools, techniques, and a proper foundation for you to start living EVEN MORE in-alignment with the ideal version of what is relevant and significant for you in this incarnation.

$10 Energetic Exchange

Channeled book: The Nature of Thoughts available for sale: $15.00


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