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The Self Journey of Bridging The Gap

Let's come together as we Bridge the Gap!

Join us and explore the Gap with three generations of magical perspective into the world of abundance and relational healing! Kseniya Bublikova, Michael Anthony Suszczynski, and Rod Lyman will Bridge the Gap in a fun relaxing experience that will bring you closer to your generations of past and present.

Bridging the Gap may mean something different to each of us. What is the Gap that you are trying to bridge?

Is it Heaven and Earth?

Spirituality and the real World?

Power and Peace?

Or is it something else?

Kseniya loves exploring the liminal realms and is excited to take you on a journey to Bridge the Gap via a Shamanic Invocation of the 4 directions. As we call in the elements and our animal guides, her drum will take you on a journey to connect with your Higher Self & other Guides. Channeled messages and movements will assist in clearing any stuck energies & opening you up to your true essence.

Michael Anthony Suszczynski with his soothing voice and calm demeanor allows your subconscious mind to reprogram patterns of behavior enabling you to overcome any fears, phobias, negative thoughts or patterns and suppressed emotions through Hypnotherapy. This process allows you to access your Inner Self to become aware of the spaces that Bridging the Gap would be most beneficial.

Rod Lyman, an Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive and Medium will use his gifts while Bridging the Gap to detect and assess physical and emotional imbalances from past or present lifetimes and convey messages from beyond to help you clear and rebalance stuck energy and rebalance your inner being bringing peace and harmony back to your life.

You'll be safe and comfortable in the company of this wonderfully capable trio in a loving environment as you Bridge the Gap to your personal magic and higher self.

Please bring water and something to sit on.

$22 Energetic Exchange

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