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Crystal Grid Creation & Meditation

Crystal Grid Creation & Meditation with Celestial Groove Collection

Wednesday October 23rd


In this session, Lilly of Celestial Groove will cover how to intentionally create and activate your own crystal grid. She'll also be teaching about different gridding techniques, best practices, and more!

The class fee includes a beginner crystal gridding kit, and the session will conclude with a guided gem meditation, where you’ll get to connect with the crystal grid that you create.

$33 energy exchange - includes a full crystal gridding set (complete with a crystal generator centerpiece, surrounding stones, and clear quartz points). You’ll get to create a custom gridding set from a selection of different stone types.

Wear comfy clothes, and feel free to bring any crystal allies from your collection to accompany you during the class and meditation. Bring a notebook and something to write with if you’d like to take notes.

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