Quartz Crystal Contemplation 

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Messages are coming so often now! Repeating numbers, "coincidences" & synchronicities, animals, recurring dreams, found feathers, tingles & shivers, symbols, songs, & so much more.


It leaves a lot of us wondering...

What does it mean? Why are we seeing this? 


All this magic around us and yet sometimes we are unsure of what the significance is.


Luckily, we can all access this information!

Quartz Crystals can help us as they are a powerful tool for receiving clarity & tapping into our intuition.

This contemplation can be as easy or as elaborate as you want to make it.

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The simple method?


Close your eyes, slow your breath, and hold a crystal in your palm. I prefer my left hand (Feminine side thus receiving energy) but do what truly feels best for you. Sometimes, I place crystals on my Ajna (Third Eye Chakra) & other times on my heart. Make it yours! 

Ask your Higher Self for guidance & clarity. 


How do you do this?

Say, "Higher Self, I ask for guidance & clarity". 

Say it 3 times.

Then, whether aloud or in your mind, explain what you need guidance about. Example: "Higher Self, why am I seeing all these hawks?" Relax into it & see what comes up. Feel free to ask other questions if needed & always express your gratitude. You may hear a message, see a color or a vision, feel a knowing, perhaps other guides will step in to explain as well.

Or, you may not experience any of these things. If not, do not get discouraged. It is called a practice for a reason. The important thing is, you have began the conversation. You open up limitless possibilities just by showing that you are paying attention to the signs and wanting to know more. Keep practicing!


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Have you been seeing signs as well? How did this contemplation work for you? Share in the comments below!